Carndonagh – from Carn Domhnach (The cairn of Domhnach – ‘domhnach‘ a church)

Carndonagh was one of the main centres of the early church and it is recorded that St. Patrick established his church here.

The town was developed in the style of the traditional English village, having its commercial centre approached by four roads.

For a real, in-depth look at Carndonagh’s past, pay a visit to the fantastic Carndonagh Heritage website put together by Maura Harkin.

A winding river winds its way close to an Irish home,
And mingles with Strathbreaga Bay where flows the Atlantic foam.
Twas in a cot close to a spot where the river gently flows
I said farewell to my own dear girl – my lovely Irish rose.

O Carn fair, beyond compare, I never will forget;
O Carn fair, beyond compare, I think I see it yet.
We sailed away from Moville Bay, ‘Twas at the evening’s close,
I wave my hand to the dear old land and my lovely Irish rose.

The strangers’ land is fair to see, the stranger, too, is kind,
But sure there’s none I can compare with the girl I left behind;
I’d rather stray by the old Millbrae just at the evening’s close,
On a summer’s night with my heart’s delight – my lovely Irish rose.

O Mary dear, I’m lonely here, without you all the while;
I miss your loving words of cheer and I miss your Irish smile.
Before I go to sleep at night before my eyes I close,
I pray that God may guide you right – my lovely Irish rose.

Fred Kearney