The Colgan Hall

The Colgan Hall

The Colgan Hall is a listed building dating back to 1914. It is named after John Colgan who was born in Carndonagh and was a Franciscan Friar in the Irish College in Leuven where he completed the annals of the four masters in the 17th Century.

The construction costs were £3,000. Stone came from quarries in Glentogher and everyone who had a horse and cart provided voluntary labour. Fundraising had been undertaken on a massive scale during the previous decade and representatives from each town land and street were responsible for collection in their own areas. In 1919, the hall was fully operational as a technical school but some classes were held in 1918. Buncrana was also seeking a new school but Carndonagh got priority because it had a purpose-built school available. In effect, the parish was thus rewarded for its industry in constructing the hall and technical school. It remained occupied as a school until 1973.

Around 50 different groups/business/public bodies use their facilities.

There are 44 people employed through Community Employment Project.

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