Wild Ireland

Wild Ireland

Just a few centuries ago, Ireland was clothed in a thick blanket of Temperate Celtic Rainforest. Due to destruction and deforestation, this woodland has all but disappeared, as have the animals that once inhabited it. In a small pocket of remaining Donegal woodland the hands of time have been rolled back.

Wild Ireland is a unique wild animal sanctuary located on the Inishowen peninsula.

Located in an ancient Celtic rainforest, Wild Ireland offers sanctuary to many animals which have been exploited and abused in circuses, roadside zoos, illegal pet trade and laboratories.

Wild Ireland offers sanctuary to many animals which have been persecuted and hunted into extinction on this Island such as Brown Bears, Wolves, Lynx and Wild Boar.

Step back in time into an ancient woodland, inhabited by these extinct creatures, that have returned to their ancestral home.

Wild Ireland has recreated the natural habitats of these animals so they can now live, much as they would do, in the wild.

‘Wild Ireland’ is located on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Visitors to Wild Ireland are educated about the plight of animals in the wild and the abuse many of them suffer at the hands of man. Wild Ireland hopes to inspire a new generation of conservationists to ensure the preservation of our wildlife & forests into the future.

Come visit our Brown bears, European Wolves, Wild Boar and Lynx, back together in the Irish forest for the first time in thousands of years.

Lots of wild birds call Wild Ireland home and our beautiful lake is home to swans, ducks and even otters.

There is lots to see and do for children too, take the fairy trail around the rainforest, be delighted with our tales of ancient folklore, play in our play park and finish off with some tasty treats & gifts from our Wild Ireland Shop.

Plan your day at Wild Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way today.

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